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Delphix is an open data platform, which allows the community to create and develop plugins capable of providing Delphix skills to the most diverse data technologies on the market.

With deep knowledge and experience in clients where the IT environment is critical to the business, Experior aims to provide solutions to maximize data investment and accelerate business decision making.
As the main Delphix partner in Latin America, our differential is always to be in search of innovations, aiming at exclusivity for our customers. Thinking about it, we have developed a series of plugins that adapt to the singularities of each company.

Delphix Dynamic Platform
MongoDB Logo - Delphix

Delphix MongoDB Plugin

In recent years MongoDB has been consolidating with the main NoSQL database in the market, being present among the main Fortune 500 companies. 

To assist our customers, we have developed a plugin to integrate Delphix with MongoDB in an easy and accessible way. 

Delphix Informix Plugin

Informix was a very popular relational database, created in the 80's and acquired by IBM 2001. 

We developed a plugin to integrate Delphix with Informix Dynamic Server (IDS).

Delphix Informix Plugin
Percona Mysql Server

Delphix Percona Server for MySQL

O Percona Server for MySQL é uma distribuição do sistema de gerenciamento de banco de dados relacional MySQL de código aberto criado pela Percona.

A Percona é desenvolvedora de vários projetos de software de código aberto para usuários do MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB e RocksDB. Eles afirmam que todo o seu software é totalmente open source e totalmente gratuito.

Coming Soon

Delphix SQL Server for Linux

Delphix Plugin SQLServer for Linux

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