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Experior means try, test, prove, be first.

Experior is a data technology integrator whose mission is to demystify and simplify complex and time-consuming processes through innovative and disruptive technologies.

With deep knowledge and experience in clients where the IT environment is critical to the business, we aim to provide solutions and services capable of simplifying, streamlining, securing and demystifying their data.

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Data security cannot be left until later. A company's data is distributed in various environments and can be easily leaked by third party teams or even internal collaborators. In compliance with the main regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, LGPD...), we support the entire process from the planning and identification of sensitive fields, as well as the implementation and management of data masking.

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Data Management

Copying and replicating data becomes a challenge as volumes grow and sources multiply. Long processes and technical limitations cause teams to be impacted leading to delays in project delivery. With vast knowledge and adequate tools, Experior makes your data light, reducing to zero the impact of moving or duplicating them.

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Cloud Adoption

Regardless of where your data is located, whether on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, a hosted private cloud, or elsewhere, Experior offers a set of tools and services that can deliver your data at an unprecedented speed, making processes self-service and consolidating storage volume up to 90%.

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360º View

A major barrier to many transformations is that data is stored in a mixture of old and new technologies that are not integrated. Experior offers a quick way to create 360° views of data across different IT ecosystems (RDBMS, Big Data, Cloud, IoT, and more). By presenting data as a service, we can empower your digital transformation initiatives in just a few weeks.

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Big Data

With the exponential growth in the volume of corporate data, we are faced with an unprecedented complexity in transforming data into useful business information. Investments in technologies are made, but the difficulty of navigating and gaining insights from large volumes of data only increases. With the right tools, we are able to make your data light and ready for interactive analysis. Processes that take weeks and require heavy development are replaced by innovative and user-friendly tools.

Our Partners

Xcalar Logo

Xcalar operationalize your data

Xcalar is the first data manipulation and analysis platform that allows you to make discoveries directly from petabytes of raw data.

With Xcalar we are able to clean, transform and enrich your data in a simple, agile and efficient way.

The platform does not require any preparation before starting the analysis, completely eliminating the need to move or copy data.

Xcalar Data Platform
Delphix Dynamic Platform
Delphix Logo

Delphix ascend the power of DataOps

Delphix works with the mission of freeing companies from data friction to accelerate innovation. Your data must rise to its rightful place as a pillar of your cloud, digital and governance strategy. They enable leading companies to free their data operators and users through a dynamic data platform.

The platform and methodology are optimized to help overcome technical and cultural barriers that separate developers, QA and analysts from their data.

Experior is a specialist in Database and Virtualization and has deep knowledge in Delphix to support you! 

Xebia Labs Enterprise DevOps

XebiaLabs simplify DevSecOps

Designed for complex enterprises with complex pipelines, XebiaLabs simplifies DevOps. 

Connect all your DevOps tools, manage your interactions, and create a data hub for reporting - without wasting time on ad-hoc scripts and endless maintenance.

Datical Logo

Datical database with DevOps

Datical speeds up the release of software versions, allowing you to treat the database code as it treats the application code, from development to production.

The solution eliminates the bottleneck and helps companies move forward by automating delivery and ensuring the quality of their database code developments.

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